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Your 1 stop restorations company
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Based in Dunwoody GA and Chattannoga TN

GA: (678) 278-9555 TN: (423) 900-8622​

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Premier Roofing Company

Is your roof past warranty, heavily damaged, or repeatedly in need of repairs? If so, you might want to consider a roof replacement. Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it's important to work with a roofing expert to ensure the job is done correctly.

Orange Roof is experienced in all types of roofing materials and we have the products and expertise to give you a new roof that'll protect your home year after year in all weather conditions.

We've completed hundreds of roof replacements in GA and TN, we can help with yours too.

We are located in Dunwoody, Georgia and Chattannoga, Tennessee.

If you think it might be time for a new roof, let us provide you with a no-obligation evaluation and free estimate .

 Call us in GA at 678-278-9555 and TN at  423-900-8622

Schedule a Free Inspection and Free Estimate

At Orange Roof, we provide full-service re-roofing and roof repairs to homeowners and building owners throughout Georgia. Being fully insured, our roofing team combines the latest technology, highest quality materials, and most advanced techniques with decades of industry-leading, client-recommended service.

Whether you need a new roof or roof repairs, shingle, shake, foam, or modified roof, you can rely on our team of professionals. Whatever the roofing project, we deliver top quality craftsmanship and results. We are committed to fostering positive relationships with clients that are based on mutual trust and respect. Contact us today to learn more about the Orange Roof team and our high-quality roofing services.

Leave the Repair Works to the Pros

Your roof is constantly exposed to elements such as the sun, wind, and rain. Eventually, the weather will take its toll, resulting in gradual damage that you might overlook. Ignoring what you think are small issues can lead to bigger problems that are expensive to fix.

Prevent further damage by calling on the remodeling crew at Orange Roof. Whether your property has a leaky roof, damages caused by the storm, or worn-out shingles, we will inspect your roof and complete the necessary repairs quickly and correctly.

For your peace of mind, our full range of exterior renovation services are 100% guaranteed and are offered at reasonable rates. Call us and request a complimentary inspection and estimate! 

Our services include but aren’t limited to roofing works, siding replacement, window and door repairs, exterior painting, and deck installation. With us, you can rest easy knowing that each project is done with careful attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. 

The Premier Roofing Company Across Georgia.

Equipped with a team of more than 10 years of industry experience, our professional crew is dedicated to providing excellent residential and commercial roofing services. Whether you have problems with a roof leak, storm damage (hail, wind, etc.), or tree damage in your property, we can help.

As your trusted roof advisers, we won’t just sell you a new roof. We will listen to your needs and provide an honest and straightforward recommendation to help you make an informed decision with no obligation and no sales pressure.

Roofing Professionals

Best of all, we can offer warranties from reputable manufacturers such as Elk, Tamko, GAF (General Aniline & Film), Owens Corning, and CertainTeed, wherein we exclusively source all our materials. To ensure that we keep our prices down without sacrificing the quality, we buy supplies in bulk from them.

Making the Insurance Claims Process Less Stressful 

We are your trusted company for storm damage solutions and insurance claims. If your roof has been beaten down by strong winds or hail, we can come to your location to assess the damage, provide an estimate, and repair or replace your roof using fine-quality products.

When it comes to providing roof estimates for damage claims, we are highly experienced and trustworthy. We have professionals on staff who can help you navigate through the insurance claims process.

If you suspect your home has roof damage or you want to have your roof inspected for preventive maintenance, give us a call today. We offer free inspections and estimates for roof repair and replacement services. 

Roof Repairs 

We Repair Your Roof Right the First Time 

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It protects your loved ones and your property. However, there are times when even the toughest roofs can’t stand up to Mother Nature. A severe storm can cause problems such as roof leaks, which could mean a nightmare for any homeowner.

Leave the burdensome issues of missing shingles, water damage, cracked flashing or skylights, or broken tile roofs to the pros. Give us a call, and we will identify the problem then provide an estimate at no cost to you.

Roof Replacement 

We Remove the Old Roof to See Any Hidden Problems 

Removing the old roofing materials down to the roof deck is necessary for a thorough inspection. We sometimes find problems that need to be corrected before a new roof can be installed. When this happens, you want a roofing contractor experienced in both roofing and construction in order to complete
any repairs properly.

Out With the Old 

Unfortunately for many homeowners, a lot of roofers do not remove the existing materials down to the decking when re-roofing a home. This is problematic since removing the old roofing material is the only way to inspect the roof deck and correct any issues such as rotting or damaged wood.

Many roofing contractors like to install shingles over top of the old roof, which is easier for them and may save you money upfront, but remember that cutting corners will cost you more in the long run. A lower price does not always mean a good value.

Emergency Roofing Tarp Installation After Wind,Hail, Storm or Fire

24/7 Storm Damage Repairs 

When the storm hit and left damages in its wake, covering your roof becomes an absolute emergency. First thing’s first, you need to get dried in. This is as important, if not more important, than actually filing your insurance claim, because it means preventing further damage.


Tarping the roof will prevent secondary damage while the roof is inspected and repaired. Orange Roof  Professionals provide emergency roof tarp installation to prevent further damage. When disaster strikes, Orange Roof is ready to respond immediately with your roof tarping needs.

Gutters and Downspouts Installation and Replacements Services.

ORANGE ROOF can install all types of gutter systems in a variety of color and sizes. We can also make custom gutter sizes in our on site sheet metal shop. With a team of more than 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to provide you with gutter installations, maintenance, cleaning, repairs and much more. Proudly Serving property owners all over Georgia. 

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